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Sugar B . I & I Produkt  
dub-club CD 002 . 06/12/2000 . Dub Club/G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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also available as:  12''+7''
artwork credits: g-parth & sugar, pyros, wasserbauer
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Sugar`s Swound dub sound

Sugar B. aka Martin Forster is one of the true originators of the viennese scene.
He started as singer of the legendary Moreaus (together with P.Kruder, R.Hunter and DJ DSL) and later started a well known radioshow called Silly solid swound system (with DJ Makossa), that gets on air every saturday on FM4, the only dedicated music-station in Austria.
He can look back to a long history of projects and releases always in the name of dub. His «Swound sound echo chamber» - show was propably the best dub-show around.
He was touring alongside DJ DSL as «Swound park radio», a new-style sound -system, spreading the dub everywhere. His SwoundPark villa-project became a freaked out meeting point for creative heads and kickstarted a lot of new ideas.
At the moment Sugar is working as MC for Kruder&Dorfmeister;, Demon Flowers, DSL and others. He is co-founder of the superb dubclub, that features the best underground music every monday at the flex-club in vienna.

His first solo-release is a selection of dub-tracks in a very unique style, recorded at the SwoundPark villa. Sugar somehow created a new, fresh way of expressing the dub-idea with deep atmospherics and heavy basslines.
Propably the best viennese dub-album ever produced....

2000 Dubclub records/G-stone recordings

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