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Stereotyp meets Tikiman . Jahman  
G-Stone 12 020 . 04/23/2001 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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artwork credits: photo & artwork by moerth, grafix by littasy
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The first release in 2001 on G-stone recordings features the talents of Stefan Mörth aka Stereotyp. He delivers a killer-tune which features the twisted vocal skills of the legendary Tikiman, best known for his works for Basic Channel.
Stereotyp has developped a unique beat style over the last years full of little details and surprising drifts. This is pure future-listening. So watch out for the album later this year, it will blow your mind.

Born in Vienna Stereotyp has produced music for G-stone, Uptight and others, he is very much connected to K&D; and the Dubclub movement. The demo of Jahman has already rocked the famous Flex turbo sound system and made the ladies scream....

nuff said enjoy the Stereotyp style

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