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dub-club CD 003 . 06/12/2000 . Dub Club/G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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also available as:  2x12''
artwork credits: sweet susi supported by sugar B & littasy
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After years of smoke, the legendary dubclub massiv vienna is releasing the first compilation of artists who played the dubclub.
Situated in the flex, the club is a respected meeting point for dub + smoke lovers all around the world. It has the best sound system in town - it is simply incredible.

Gümix, Sugar B + Sweet Susie are the founder of the club and they are happy to present you a deep slice of viennese dubs.

This Dubclub CD dubclub CD-003 features fresh talent out of vienna. Stefan Mörth alias Stereotype is opening the CD with a hammer futuristic dub track that will last for a long time. Stereotype has released his first EP on G-stone Recordings and released stuff as Sly+Mo on Uptight records, vienna.
The Sofa surfers , well known for their unique dub-style contribute a wonderful track that features Raasaan Kelly on vocals.
Singing Bird, an forthcoming MC/singer from Jamaica, now living in vienna is doing a track called «Sweet love» in his very own singing style. He is curruntly working with different producers and his album should be released soon.
The Cosmic Rockers from the well respected Codek label / NYC did a smoke heavy beat track that works very well on the dancefloor as well.

This is just a selection of the great talent that is featured on this CD all in the name of dub in a viennese style.

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The project is supported by G-Stone recordings and Cheap recordings

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