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Tosca . Fuck dub remixes vol.1  
G-Stone 12 004 . 03/09/1997 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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artwork credits: Florian Riebisch & Alexander Wiederin are foxy
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The fourth slab in the G-Stone monolith comes courtesy of Richard Dorfmeister (one half of the Dastardly Vienesse duo) and his mate Richard Huber. They share remix duties on last years 'Fuck Dub' from the darkest reaches of 3am Yorkshire. Fila Brazillia turn in a stripped down reworking reminiscent of their 'A Zed And Two Ls' as they glide into drum 'n' bass from down-beat while Porkmates 'Baby Mammoth' deliver three mixes ranging from funky to the downright bizarre. Mark Jackson (Update, 10-16.3/97)

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