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Rodney Hunter . Hunterville  
GSCD 031 . 11/05/2007 . 800271004826 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction, US: Quango/Fontana)
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Rodney Hunter is dead-on when he says that he's been "around the block" more than once. His musical career spans 20 years starting off as an underage bassist of the Austrian band "Mordbuben AG", later on becoming a member of the legendary "Moreaus" along side Peter Kruder, DJ DSL and Sugar B, leading him to launching his own label and production company Uptight with Werner Geier, storming the Billboard Charts, receiving a Grammy nomination with Uptight Productions, delivering remixes for Omar, Gravediggaz, Doug E. Fresh, Freakpower, Cornershop, Shantel, Martine Girault etc, hit supplier for the HipHop formation Aphrodelics and reputable others... Yes, Rodney Hunter, skilled bass and drum player, has come a long way.

In 2004 his well received and critically acclaimed solo debut album "Hunter Files", was released on K&D;'s G-Stone Recordings. More than three years later the Hithunter returns with this well worth the wait follow up, smoothly circumnavigating the burden that usually comes along with making the "second album".
Like no other musician Rodney Hunter determines and consequently declines the catch phrases of the Quincy Jonesish Groove-grammar.

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