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Rodney Hunter . Wanna Groove?  
GSMX2 031 . 10/15/2007 . 800271005113 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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First single from the stunning ‘Hunterville’ long player from Rodney Hunter. Guest remixes by the neighbouring Germans adds to the rightfully expected release on this 12". The original cut of ‘Wanna Groove?’ as featured on this 12" has been a sure fire winner for those lucky enough to have an advance copy for a while now. The stand out track from the album has been a huge track for the big boys even before its official release. You can never go wrong with a catchy bounce and some sexy strings.

The remixes:
Man of the moment Christian Prommer takes ‘Wanna Groove?’ on the more gentle percussion trip at first that simply builds and builds into a classic education process. With his Drumlesson project, Christian is opening a lot of ears up to the more sophisticated side of tech house, and he adds magnificently on his resume with this remix. Elegant programming as you would come to expect from Voom Voom / Fauna Flash / Trüby Trio team member. It ends at just over ten minutes but the ride spanned a minor evolution in techno terms. Stunning remix Wahoo boys, aka Georg Levin & Steffen Berkhahn bring back some of the bounce and shuffle and a tambourine shake or two. Again, these guys know a thing or two about moving feet and hips and making people heat up their body temperatures. Master of German house music, these guys again give you another option for the floor. A vocal and instrumental version of Wanna Groove? by Wahoo is featured on the 12".

Four stunning versions, feet won’t fail you now.

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