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Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias . Boogie No More Remixes  
GSMX 2027 . 02/05/2007 . 800271005618 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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artwork credits: photography: Markus Rössle; artwork: Wolfram Wiedener
what we say  
We don’t stop boogieing in truth! Can’t get enough for the boogie so we asked two top teams to continue the funky strut and give worthy reproductions of Boogie no more by Dr Rich and MDLA.

First up, the boys Pete Herbert and Phil Mison in their Reverso 68 format. These guys have been there since time, and you can expect off kilter classy Balearic dancefloor action. Fans of Lindstrom & Prins Thomas will know all about the Reverso 68. They take Boogie no more to heavenly heights with sexy synths and even sexier Spanish guitars. Brilliant remix we reckon.

Flip side offers more punch with Kraak & Smaak’s boogie angst remix. Definitely dancefloor friendly and containing Kraak & Smaak’s famous funkiness with big breaks and beats to help you with your dangerous dancefloor moves. Both these crews are up for the nightlife, up for the boogie.

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