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Stereotyp . Keepin Me Remixes  
GSMX2 028 . 01/22/2007 . 800271004413 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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Back to the future with more bumper basslines and bootyiful beats from the man they call Stereotyp! Friends of the bad boy get in on the act this time with a package of hypnotic and mutated beats for the title track from the album 'Keepin Me'.

Including Fauna Flash, those Bavarian brothers from a different mother who get deep and sophisticated in a 'Henrik Schwarz' and 'Ame' kind of way. A heavy slice of tech-house indeed and the soulful addition of Tower of Power singer and songwriter Hubert Tubbs takes the track on a proper point to point.

Not to be outdone, Stereotyp himself adds another sonic chromosomal alteration to the original track, modification strictly for the maddest of dancefloors. Fuel injected with original Stereotyp flavours, additives and enhancements. You need a big ass for this remix, bring yo mama? Bootyiful!

Finally, Haaksman & Haaksman, therapists for the good groove bring us guitar licks, sharp kicks for the sophisticated chicks. Add heavy clicks in the mix and you could be transfixed? Okay, enough of my bad rhyming, check out the sounds.
(Alan Brown, Soul Seduction, Vienna)

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