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Stereotyp . Keepin Me  
GSCD 028 . 09/25/2006 . 800271004024 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction, US: Quango/Fontana)
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B197795 CD € 16,75 details
also available as:  2xLP
artwork credits: artwork and photos by stereotyp finalised by wolfram wiedner
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"Keepin me" is the second album from Stereotyp on Vienna's well known G-stone imprint. Standout track "Keepin' Me" delivers one of the most haunting vocal performances since Lauryn Hill burst onto the scene. The rest of the album crosses the divide between electronica and future soul & hip hop with ease and could finally bring Stereotyp to the wide international audience he deserves. Vocal performances by Capadonna (Wu Tang !), Hubert Tubbs (Tower of Power), Cesar Sampson, Sandra Kurzweil & Daniela Bauer (Café Drechsler)!

Stefan Moerth, better known to the music world as Stereotyp, is a hardcore producer. An average Stereotyp production is mind-blowing to say the least, and any DJ that had a chance to test his work in a club environment will testify to this fact. Every Stereotyp beat is bass heavy, 5th Element type futuristic, and sonically altered. And this goes for all genres Moerth retouches and updates, be it Dancehall, Hip Hop or Soul - and he done touched them all.

His now classic G-Stone debut entitled My Sound (2002) was a foray into the future of Dancehall and Soul music. With this release Moerth showed the possibilities of a sonic future that is still due to arrive. Many remixes later, he paired up with Al Haca and dropped, what could be one of the most advanced takes on Dancehall and Hip Hop on the market today - the Phase III (2004) LP released by Klein Records.

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