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Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias . Grand Slam  
GSMX027 . 05/08/2006 . 800271004215 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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artwork credits: photography: Markus Rössle; artwork: Wolfram Wiedener
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Launch out single for the Grand Slam album from Richard Dorfmeister and Madrid de los Austrias. With heavy remixes for the likes of Koop, Groove Armanda and Willie Bobo to name but a few, the collaboration now continues with new and unreleased material destined to light up dancefloors worldwide. 2004 saw the pairing release Valldemossa, a tightly programmed summer jam that moved the Dorfmeister Vs MDLA doubles team up to the top of the world rankings. No doubt also this one will be gracing summer dancefloors everywhere: Boogie no more tightens up a disco classic and introduces it to a new audience while make dis real brings out the party sensibilities of the players involved with its serious uptempo funk, pounding drums and funky riffs. Dorfmeister and MDLA opening the grandslam season 06 in true style .

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