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VoomVoom . Roger  
K7 198EP . 04/17/2006 . !K7 Records
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"Roger" is one of those rare dance tracks that one wants to listen to over and over again. With a straight forward bassline, the first bar leads right onto the dancefloor. Then a boogie beat, a funky wah wah, deep strings and finally the trademark vocoder voice of Voom Voom is added to each hip-shaking movement. At the trackīs peak the voice simply says "Roger" to punctuate what is already felt on the dancefloor: a passionate sense of euphoria produced by a perfectly arranged club tune, full of soul and depth, which you cant help but bust loose to. The B-Side of the EP opens with "Keep The Drums Out". Itīs a noisy but cool 125 BPM groove that glitters with a sci-fi-esque atmosphere. Dark dub sounds mingle with metallic snares and effects out of the depths of the echo chamber. If John Carpenter would produce music for dancefloors in the 21st century, it would sound like "Keep The Drums Out". Last but not least the atmospheric "Urwald" lives up to itīs meaning ("Urwald" is German for "virgin forest"). Natural sounds like a rippling stream, singing birds and a cuckooīs cry are contrasted with a distorted electronic snare drum and delayed, free-floating sound fragments that twirl around voloptous chords. Itīs this sonic combination which makes "Urwald" such an outstanding track. With the three tracks of the "Roger" EP the vinyl series of Voom Voom is completed gracefully. Presented in a beautifully designed plastic slipcase, which has been specially manufactured for the EP series, the vinyl edition of "Peng Peng" is a piece of jewellery for every record shelf. Itīs quite likely that this edition will soon become a much sought-after rarity. So keep the EPs in good shape, there are rarely releases these days where the musical and visual content are in such perfect harmony.

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