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VoomVoom . Bounce  
K7 197EP . 02/06/2006 . !K7 Records
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"Bounce" is Volume 2 in the series of singles which Voom Voom release from January 2006 to April 2006 on a monthly basis. As with its predecessor "All I Need", the three tracks on the "Bounce" EP are synchronised on 125 BPM - the tempo, in which the worldīs club dancefloors swing. Itīs also the thread which Voom Voom have chosen for their debut album "Peng Peng". Despite their constant tempo, the tracks on the "Bounce" EP shine with a fresh versatility. With its manic groove, the lead track sets the theme: Get those booties on the dancefloor! Consequently, the track on A1 follows the old Zapp slogan "More Bounce To the Ounce". Enthusiastically introduced by the shouts of a ladiesī"yeahyeahyeah" and a simple, open hi hat, "Bounce" instantly produces serious hip movement. Crowned by a fresh vocoder voice and mighty power chords, the track turns any kind of dancefloor move into a slick pose. Itīs rocking, yet funky, and pushes stress free forward with its warm chords. Surely this will rock many dancefloors. The B side continues the racy tempo: "Fish" starts with a groovy beat and a funky bass, and then grows into a deep track, which follows a waveform dramaturgy. With his melancholic-happy vibe, the track will quite likely refine many late night hours. Last but not least, the rocker tune of the "Bounce" EP: "Logan". A track that resembles an imaginary jam session of a modern New York disco punk band jamming with Kraftwerk in Larry Levanīs Paradise Garage. Live drums, electronic bleeps and analogue synthesizer sounds create the seductive and sinister, yet unresistible atmosphere of "Logan".

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