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VoomVoom . All I Need  
K7 196EP . 01/06/2006 . !K7 Records
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Voom Voom presents new deluxe tracks that will increase the dancefloor pulse even further into ecstasy. The single "All I Need" is the sensuous starting point. Ladies & Gentlemen, hold tight, this is real dancefloor rock! "All I Need" starts with picked strings that fall into a rocking synth riff. Shortly after, the refrain, "All I Need Is Your Love Baby" roars in and kicks off a grooving power track, which reaches its climax in the delicious noise of a feedback electric guitar. "All I Need" is a storming track that illustrates that Voom Voom are today's electronic reincarnation of Led Zeppelin. On the B-Side, equally splendid, but with more of a deep than an in-your-face rocking attitude is the sexy track "Sao Verought". Known from house music, warm faces embed the computer groove intro, followed by straight forward grooving bassdrums, rimshots and claps which pour into a marvellous breakdown, where the interplay of a robotīs voice and two females are "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing their pure lust into the trackīs peak moment. In short, the new Voom Voom single "All I Need" is a double, voluptuous , hot blooded dancefloor-bomb, which will set any club-roof on fire.

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