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Makossa & Megablast . Like A Rocket / Kunuaka  
GSMX1 026 . 02/06/2006 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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Makossa & Megablast are Marcus Wagner-Lapierre and Sascha Weisz. Definitely 2 names to watch out for in 2006 as their debut 12 on G-Stone Recordings offers a promising glimpse of where theyre headed.

Makossa & Megablast, both music lovers, Djs and producers from Vienna reinterpret their musical roots and show their skills in analogue, filtered trippy sounds produced in a classical dub session. We like to work with outdoor equipment and use the computer just as an audio platform. Our target is the next step into Viennese future dub without loosing the authentic warmth. G-Mix (Dub Club Vienna) once put it this way: Dub Reggae is still our basic. Dub has influenced the electronic music scene since decades. Thats why we can find Dub Versions in House, Techno, Drum&Bass;, Hip Hop, Electro, 2Step, Broken Beat, Big Beat & Brasil. Comparable with a lifetree, its roots being DUB.

Like a Rocket is a dirty, dubby killer groove with that rolling, slapped bassline to remember ft. the incredible Capitol A. On the flip: the afro tech break monster Kunuaka ft. Nigerian singer Subrinah.

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