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Tosca . Souvenirs - The J.A.C. Remixes  
GSCD024 . 02/27/2006 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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also available as:  2xLP
artwork credits: photo: Markus Rössle; sleeve design: Wolfram Wiedner
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Picture a comfortable room filled with smoke, some burning candles and two guys sitting, waiting: Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber, hosts of the evening.

They have invited their artist friends to bring their versions of the Tosca J.A.C. album tracks. Excitement is in the air- the output of this session is still uncertain:
The first guest to show up is definitely a special one: Burnt Friedman, well known for his works as Nonplace or Flanger, a man who musicwise lives on a whole different planet. He is smiling knowingly as he enters the room in his striking purple polyester suit. The man's got style. We start listening to his great version of John Lee Huber and it's clear that this is an excellent opener for the Souvenirs album. The party has just begun...

Frost & Wagner from Germany arrive. They deliver a dub-infused mix of Superrob feat. the legendary Earl Zinger - we like it like that! Suddenly the phone is ringing. It's Plantlife's Jack Splash, who is calling to let us know his Heidi Bruehl mix is on the way. A lush downbeat homage of the original track. Better make it a fedex express ...no way we can wait for that tune much longer! Just about time for DJ DSL to join the gang. Big applause for him and his splendid version of Rondo Acapricio! No doubt, this guy always stays focused on his hip hop roots but reliably adds some extra flavours the very special DSL way.
Who is next: It's the man in a sharp suit called Senor Coconut with his interpretation of The big Sleep in that typical latin-bigband style. Hey brother, pour the wine…Dean Martin once sang. Brilliant idea. Big toast to Senor Coconut!

All guests are well entertained, the vibe is still relaxed, but there is much more to come: Hans-Peter Lindstrom, remixer of the moment, has put his hands on Zueri, elegantly translating the original track into a space disco session - simply wonderful!
The place gets quite crowded now, time to put on the fancy dancing suits and shake a leg as Henrik Schwarz takes us by surprise with his harmonica style version of Superrob.
We party wild as Mr. Stereotyp comes up with his two mixes of Pyjama - one closer to the jazz beat original, the other a bass-heavy dub rocker. No cooling down once Makossa & Megablast take over. This new signed G-Stone duo is in top-form, demonstrating true producer potential when delivering Heidi Bruehl in an up-tempo beat version. Good old friend Rodney Hunter instinctively nods his head to the beat. He opens the window to let some sunshine in while we are enjoying his version of John Lee Huber. Yeah, he's a cool cat.
We relax a little bit again along with the elegant dub version of Superrob feat. Ras Donovan by Felix and Daniel Haaksman. Both have been part of the family since the very beginning. Good to have them here.
Berlin female singer, lyricist and poet AGF steps up to take a leftfield approach on Naschkatze. Just about time to eat some candy and get ready for Monsieur Urbs as he puts his delicate touch on Forte. Deeply cinematic! Finally our boys from Madrid de los Austrias spice it up once more with Damentag, rounding up this unforgettable session.

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