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Tosca . Souvenirs EP  
GSMX024 . 01/23/2006 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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B191161 EP € 7,75 details
artwork credits: Wolfram Wiedner
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Tosca have invited some artist friends to create their very own versions of the Tosca J.A.C. album tracks. This 12-inch teaser features 3 handpicked tunes from the forthcoming Souvenirs Remix album. Mr. Stereotyp makes us party wild with his stereotyp need no pyjams mix, a bass-heavy dub rocker. DJ DSL delivers a splendid version of Rondo Acapricio. Focused on his hip hop roots he reliably adds some extra flavours the very special DSL way. Finally Hans-Peter Lindstrom, remixer of the moment, puts his hands on Zueri, elegantly translating the original track into a space disco session - simply wonderful!

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