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Tosca . Heidi Bruehl  
K7184EP . 08/08/2005 . !K7 Records
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Heidi Brühl is the name of a popular German film diva from the fifties, one of post-war Germany's first teenage heroes. With “Heidi Brühl” Tosca dedicate one of the most beautiful songs from their new album, “J.A.C.” to the legendary blond heroine. Even though, the Egyptian born, Paris based guest vocalist Samiah Farah doesn't mention the actress by name once throughout the song, the four awesome remixes of “Heidi Brühl” will make sure that her name will soon delight dancefloors around the world.
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Recreating the discovery of footage revealing dimly-lit Parisian jazz cabaret, Samiah Farah offers a personal, table-service audience, working up her own blend of Dorfmeister-Huber fever that exudes superiority. A great pair of horizontal remixes from Sa-Ra Creative Partners and Plantlife bring the track into the 00s, the hypnosis of the vocal massaged with soft hands and scented candle soul strokes. (Matt Oliver / DMC Update 08/31/2005)

Heidi Bruehl - wasn´t she that shithouse Eighties Swiss bird off the telly? No Philistine! She was a Fifties German film diva. And to add to the confusion, Heidi Bruehl is sung by Samiah Farah - in French. Whatever next? All sexy vocals and laid-back summer beats, Heidi B is truly inspired (if a little puzzling...) (Touch, Sept. 2005)

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