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Tosca . Damentag  
K7180EP . 04/18/2005 . !K7 Records
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The new Tosca album "J.A.C." is dedicated to the sons of Tosca masterminds Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber: Joshua, Arthur and Conrad . With the albumīs first single release "Damentag" ("Ladies day"), the two Viennese producers give props to the ladies. For Tosca, most of all, their Damentag sounds funky and with this track Huber and Dorfmeister show that being a father doesnīt necessarily mean that you lose track of the dancefloor. Itīs rather the opposite, as "Damentag" demonstrates: A kicking bassline, the trademark Tosca dub melodies and the laidback voice of former Rockers Hi-Fi MC Farda P create a bright and both deep sound groove melange. The singleīs B side "Pyjama (long version)" features a ten minute extended version of another track from "J.A.C.". The intro starts dubby and atmospheric, then morphs into a vibrant, gangster movie soundtrack like jazz burner.

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