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Rodney Hunter . Take A Ride Mixes  
GS12033 . 04/25/2005 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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Rodney Hunter returns to remixed by some of today's top remixers and renovators! "Take a ride", everybody's favourite cut for the supernumerary Hunter Files long player firstly gets the Fauna Flash electro boogie disco bounce. Roland Appel and Christian Prommer as Fauna Flash are always high in demand on the remix circuit, and they don't disappoint with an electro-dynamic remix. Dublex Inc. from the storming Pulver label come with the heavy beats and bass as per usual, and keep the feet once again firmly on the dancefloor. Again, heavy in demand on the remix front, Dublex Inc. know exactly what to do to make hips and butts shake, rattle and roll. Makossa & Megablast with their customary sound of filters and flangers give it the more Viennese feeling and sensation for "Find out". Originally in reggae form, they turn it into a firing burner that will also have the soles of your shoes seeking a pit stop. Finally, André Lodemann gets super deep with a mouth-watering house groove straight out of the Detroit school of 4/4 moves. Watch this guy go in the not too distant future.

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