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Stereotyp meets Al Haca . Blaze & Cook  
KL 061 . 02/14/2005 . Klein records (Soul Seduction)
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After ‚Blaze & Cook' smashed it up everywhere here comes Stereotyp meets Al-Haca again with new mixes. Just thinking of what Peter Kruder's capable hands can do with a vocal like Blaze n´ Cook raises the hair on ones arms. It was such a perfect match, the smooth deep house approach from Kruder with the dark dancehall reggae vibe of Stereotyp meets Al-Haca that there are no less than 3 mixes to choose from, the Phraze Mix, The Phraze Instrumental and the Jiggy Mix. If that wasn't enough, Radio Slave (who've already worked their magic on the White Stripes, Kylie, Freeform 5, X-press 2, Tiga and Paul McCartney to name but a few) cooks it up even more with a smoking hot 4 on the floor reconstruction. stark synths, crisp claps and bouncing rhythms that fall right in place behind tight vocals to complete this package...

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