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Various . !K7 Records (Limited)  
K7 150LCD . 09/15/2003 . !K7 Records
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2 audio cd's plus 1 dvd; strictly limited

!K7 is celebrating their 150th release with a special package, reminiscing with some of their all time classics on one compilation. This selection offers highlights like Ursula Rucker's "Supa Sista", Nick Holder's "Sometimes I'm Blue", Kruder & Dormeister's "Black Baby" and other unforgettable songs by artists like Tosca, Nicolette, A Guy Called Gerald, Vikter Duplaix, Earl Zinger, Princess Superstar, Terranova, Peace Orchestra, Shantel, Tiga, Rae & Christian, This is pure quality!!!!

G-Stone Videos included on DVD:

- Tosca . Honey
- Peace Orchestra . Shining
- Tosca . Wonderful
- The K&D; Summer Sessions

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