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Stereotyp . Stand Up  
G-Stone 12031 . 06/28/2004 . G-Stone
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artwork credits: Mörth
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Alan Brown, Soul Seduction, Vienna. May 04:

Brother Culture introduces you to the crew, lets rip with a fast and furious onslaught of how we like to party here in Vienna. This is big! No actually this is massive! Enormous even comes to mind! Ironic isn’t it that the sound of the Stereotyp can be heard by such notables as Carl Craig, Seiji and Fauna Flash? Kruder was right, with the wink of an eye, he once told me that the day of the Stereotyp was coming. Which day it is, we don’t know, but rest assured, it is coming.
And that’s the flip side?

The A side brings forth again the wonderful collaboration and relationship of Stefan Mörth aka Stereotyp and Paul St Hilaire aka Tikiman. ‘Stand up’ is soothing slice of soulful soldiering. Again, another unreleased and sort after track that had Peterson banging out a early upfront CD version in his ‘Worldwide’ show back in the 02 after Kruder was passing through London town. Did I get some e-mail that week?

Stereotyp’s visionary programming is almost impossible to rational understand. As if imagination overpowers his reason and controls his judgment. Always though, he comes through with sound and security in what you actually hear. Patrick Forge once told me, that Stereotyp is one helluva groovy cat, and Patrick Forge isn’t known to be in the wrong when it come to understanding sound. The essence is of the groove.

There is something very special about rude boy and ragga muffin when they get together. The sublime and spiritual presence of Tikiman on any record is a blessing, but on a Stereotyp record it is illustrious and of a conferring glory. This was confirmed on the ground breaking, genre bending ‘My Sound’ album. Like a favourite shirt or what you put on your feet, somehow it fits to perfection. And you know dat!

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