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Various . I Like It  
comp 145-2 . 11/20/2003 . Compost (Soul Seduction)
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B163352 CD € 16,75 details
also available as:  4xLP
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compost records news:
"I Like It" (CPT 145-1/-2) is a new compilation concept: Four music-lovers select their four all-time favourites. DJ Hell, the gigolo from Munich, Austrian wonder boy Peter Kruder, record guru Michael Reinboth and Theo Thönnessen, both part of Munich's 'Into Somethin'-DJ-Team, have contributed each four tracks to this new compilation concept.

The compilation includes much sought-after classics like Arthur Russell "In The Light Of The Miracle", Hector Rivera "I Want A Chance For Romance" and Master Ace Inc. "Sittin' On Chrome" (Instrumental), which on 12" trades for 100 €, among other really-hard-to-find titles mainly from the 80s.

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