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Rodney Hunter . Hunter Files  
G-Stone 12029 . 04/26/2004 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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note: samples taken from corresponding cd.
artwork credits: Littasy; photo: O. Jiszda
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12'' tracklisting:
A1 Intro, A2 Electric Lady, A3 Work that Body
B1 You're not Alone, B2 Take A Ride
C1 Find It, C2 Quero Saber
D1 Without Warning feat. Hubert Tubbs, D2 Take aRide pt.2

Family matters! You know, associations of people who share common beliefs and activities. Kindred could be another apt and resourceful word to use in situations like this I guess? Always similar and related in quality and character, this of course the G-Stone manifesto and code of conduct as we know it. It has always been a family related thing here in Vienna, like one giant belonging.

Time now for the G-Stone family to share its newest member! Actually not new for us, as we have known Mr Rodney Hunter since time! New maybe for the ardent and enthusiastic G-Stone supporters far and wide that are revelling in the fact that Messer’s Kruder and Dorfmeister have allowed another outstanding long player to grace our ears.

After being asked in the fall of 2001 by Mr’s Kruder and Dorfmeister to produce and realise an album for G-Stone recordings, Rodney set about the task of expressing the sounds and stories of his musical upbringing. The properties acquired during a person's formative years are most recognisable through music, and the Hunterfiles has the funk, the groove, the soul and the chilled that have encouraged and promoted the growth and development of music boy into music man.
Two years in the making and with guest appearances from outstanding talents such as Hubert Tubbs, Ken Cesar, Farda P, Hunterfiles is a worthy excursion into the new sounds of Vienna and beyond.

Enjoy the ride.

The calm before the storm? Introductions of serenity, dispositions free from stress and harmful emotions. The only way to start

Electric lady
Some would say the grooviest track on the album, and who am I to argue? All I know is that ‘Electric lady’ has been an anthem in Vienna for some time with constant plays from Dr Rich and Mr K. This sublime track will be the lift off single from the Hunterfiles long player, and is bound to fill the floors universally with uplifting spirits and plenty feel good vibes. Totally devoted to the pleasures of the female kind, Electric lady is a sensual pleasure without the vice.

Work that body
Total headz track? Just a monster groove pushing along for the head nodders, feet shufflers and hip wigglers of this world. No confessions apart that from this track does the job of building up the sexiness and sensuality of a great night out. Super tight horns and thumping bass lines keep the groove firmly united with the nodders, shufflers and wigglers. Get moving!

Let your soul guide your heart
And the groove continues to build? If the dance floor wasn’t full already, then ‘Let your soul guide your heart’ will grab you by the small bits and drag you to the place to express your physical personality. More sexiness, more thumping bass lines, more relentless grooves! You could be excused for being physical worn out so early on in the proceedings. This track was co written and produced by Richard Dorfmeister which will go some way to explaining the pure grooviness of the ride.

Quero saber
He’s not going to let up is he? This time singer Orieta Pires adds to the cosmopolitan flavour of Rodney’s groove. Catchy synths and reverb make this mid tempo musical experience stick to the ceiling with resolute determination. My feet are beginning to ache and I think I am going to need new shoes very soon?

There’s a reason
And with new shoes I can take on board a new beat? Rodney gives a glimpse of his love affair with the rap, and Clumzy T and Ra face deliver in fine style rhyme and reason that somewhere that there’s a reason. One of Vienna’s finest songwriters and singers Ken Ceasar who also appeared on the futuristic Stereotyp album on G-Stone, comes through flawlessly and in adroit manner with wonderful harmonies and lyrics. Subtle strings by Jig add to the completion of the combination.

Take a ride
Avoiding the harsh, stern and severe! ‘Take a ride’ offers a more tender touch which is well received here, as I think I am getting blisters on the soles of my feet! You can catch Rodney here on vocal duty with back ground and soothing sounds to help find serenity. Stoney’s tranquilizing flute also keeps the gentleness intact and helps affording the physical and emotional relief.

Take a ride (pt 2)
More tranquillity, this time with a distinct Arabesque flavour. MC Aladin gives ‘Take a ride’ a Arabic aesthetic with colourful chants and vocal intonation. Wonderful how different ingredients offer new and exciting surprises to established and existing recipes. Again, soothing beats and pieces complete a musical melting pot of distinctive aural fragrances.

Find it
More ventures into the alternative groove! ‘Find it’ finds solace in reggae and ska, and no better MC on the planet then Farda P to deliver meaningful and conscious words of wisdom and glory with such accompanying sounds. Farda P from the multi cultural city of Birmingham in the UK is also another G-Stone family member with recent contributions to Tosca’s well received Delhi 9 album.

Is this your boy
A G-Stone love song? Yes, and sublime it is too. Ken Ceasar stars once again and this fine young singer is nothing short of sensational on this outing. A composed and very mature singer despite his tender years, his song writing his heartfelt and always sincere. A classic worthy of much adoration and reverence indeed.

Without warning
And without warning, back to the groove! Back to the eminent loss of rubber on the bottom of your footwear! Adhering to the established G Stone groove with bass and bottom end to shake the butts of all within ears sake. So you thought it would get lightweight towards the end then? No chance, your feet wanna dance, so don’t resist their requests for motion. Ex ‘Tower of Power’ singer and adopted G Stoner Hubert Tubbs, with a voice that’s means business, adds vocal supremacy to this monster groove.

We need a break? After the colossus groove, this comes as welcome relief. Sore feet but happy feet, medicinal percussion, intoxicating and subtle horns keep the toes wiggling.

You’re not alone
With just a small homage to the man! This Herbiesque vibe is the perfect way to end the musical communication and expression of Mr Rodney Hunter. We are back from where we began? Offering freedom from fear and anxiety, acts of blandishing, words and expression of affection and kindness, a song of soft words and artful caresses. You’re not alone, welcome to the family.

Alan Brown, Soul Seduction, Vienna

what they say  
Als die internationalen Livestyle-Gazetten Wien gegen Ende der Neunziger zur Welthauptstadt der gemäßigt groovenden Clubsounds ausriefen, war Rodney Hunter längst eine zentrale Figur der lokalen Szene. Ungleich weniger bekannt zwar als die Herren Dorfmeister und Kruder, saß Hunter anno dazumal mit hinterm Steuerrad des so genannten „Vienna Sound". Gemeinsam mit Werner Geier stand er dem maßgeblichen Label Uptight vor; als Produzent verantwortete er unter anderem. das Wiener HipHop-Wunder Aphrodelics. Dass erst jetzt, Jahre nach dem großen Hype, Hunters Debut als Solokünstler erscheint, mag auch mit der stets merkbaren Umsicht zusammenhängen, mit der er sein musikalisches Werk vorantreibt- und die nun auch seinen „Hunter Files" ihre Zeitlosigkeit verleiht. Ohne modische Effekthascherei, dafür hörbar fundiert in breitem musikhistorischem Wissen, zeichnen sich Hunters Elaborate vor allem durch ihren unbedingten Willen um Funk aus. Dank dieser Vorgabe geraten die „Hunter Files" zu einem agilen Memorandum erlesener, präzis gesetzter Fundstücke. (S. H.@profil)

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