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Peace Orchestra . Reset  
K7125LP . 06/17/2002 . !K7 Records
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B140567 3xLP € 20,50 details
also available as:  CD
note: samples taken from corresponding cd.
artwork credits: Peter Kruder & oka labs
what we say  
by stud!o k7:

Reset? Another remix compilaton? Idea `n money-rewind? Again a bunch of recycled sounds that won`t top the originals? Indeed! But stop, hold it. The core of this project is Peter Kruder`s Peace Orchestra album, which was nothing less than a landmark in 1999, a piece of pure genius. If new versions can`t outdo this, it just means that it`s hard to climb Everest and that these remixes are still better than 99,9% of comparable output. No worries, 'Reset' will set any hifi-system on fire,; it´s in tune with the now-sound. As you would expect from a perfectionist like Mr. Kruder, 'Reset' is a handpicked revue of excellence. The Mixes follow the chronology of the original album, mellowing out its primary futureshock, morphing Peace Orchestra faves like "Shining", "The Man" or "Double Drums" into new Realms of beat-synthesis. Silicon Boogie, Broken Soul, Latinaire Digital or Meta Dope Beats: it is all here. You`ll bump into the Nescafe charme of the Gotan boys, a genre hero like Rainer Trüby, regulars like Chateau Flight, Raw Deal or the fabulous Zero DB. But it´s the quiet talent, like Kosma, Guillaume Bouillard and the outstanding DJ DSL, that make this album tick. Enough ear candy for the advanced listener as well as the lounge guerilla.
Another Remix-Compilaton? Yes, but not like the rest.
Set your stereo on 'Reset' !!

what they say  
People in Vienna live in submarines. Echoes ping and zing. Peter Kruder is the captain of the finest undersea vessel. His ship, the Peace Orchestra cruises deep fathoms with collective sea shanty power. Each crewmember is specially outfitted for the journey. Gotan Project brought a Basque guitar for plucking. Dj DSL packed a funk bass to thump stuttered Sugarhill sounds. Meitz’s pigmy megaphones point periscopes to peer at synthesized waves. Chateau Flight swabs decks with slow motion handclaps. Soul Patrol keeps eels at bay with xylophone displays. The crew log also lists Beanfield, Guillaume Bolard, Raw Deal, Zero db, Truby Trio, and Kosma, as bell-bottom sporting ensigns. Ears sync in this submerged ship. Reset gives a better reflection of the world above the ripples and makes life below a wonder. (frosty/XLR8R)

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