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Tosca . Different Tastes of Honey  
G-Stone 12 022 . 02/11/2002 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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note: samples taken from corresponding cd.
artwork credits: Littasy
what we say  
After the success of the Suzuki album, Tosca return with a collection of mixes of a very special tune from the album. "Honey" was the track of choice on the radio everywhere and lots of people were asking for more versions. That was leading to a project that focused on the theme. Although it features just one song, the different approach of the mixes are giving the feel of a full length album...

Markus Kienzl, part of the sofa surfers,contibuted a bass+beat heavy mix that is used for the legendary videosession, where wild girls are spreading honey over their beautiful bodies.... a must see for everybody!

Massi, Shelter Av.+Azoia are project groups from the Nylon label out of Portugal and it`s great to see how they are able to build a brand new thing from the original samples.

Since their release on G-stone recordings, the Funky Lowlives are connected to the label for a long time. So it was just logical to involve them in the Honey- project. Their groove+percussion-driven style is giving the track a unique push, that makes it very danceable..The boys from Faze action are well known for their op-notch productions on Nuphonic and again they underline here their perfect feeling for brazil-infused beats. The version gives you impression of perfect lightness combined with a deep touch. Glyn Bush ( Bigga Bush ) used to be part of the ever-underestimated Rockers Hifi and he is somehow the chief-rocker of dub in a very personal style. He manages to raise the track to a completely different corner by adding additional vocals.

Supatone is Michael Baumann out of Germany he is accociated to The Paul Boutique`s label+recordshop, which specialise in exquisite selections of dub+grooves. He is a big-time dub lover and on the 2 versions he focuses mainly on deep roots dub sounds. These versions are really growing the more often you check them out.

Andy Spence is known for his excellent dance-productions for Tommy touch and he is delivering a dub that is using straight and well selected beats with a bass drum that will challenge your speakers.. Kieser.Velten and Freedom Satellite are rounding up the package with subtle sounds that flow around sweet as honey.

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