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G-Stone 12 010 . 05/12/1999 . G-Stone (Soul Seduction)
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artwork credits: foxy team
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From Babylon to Vienna

Tosca is back with some slammin` dubs of the legendary Chocolate elvis.

Initially recorded on the streets of NYC the original chocolate elvis was drunk+stoned enough to be released on G-stone records. In early 1995 the first version of Chocolate elvis was released (G-stone 12002 )

The vocal material was so breathtaking that it had to be redubbed:

The Uptight crew delivers a floor-filler to make the croud jump, solid.
Boozoo Bajou out of nürnberg/ germany add some touches of dub + jazzguitars, a challenging mixture from this forthcoming duo.
The Rockers Hifi continue with the original Chocolate P.- from Babylon to Vienna over Birmingham. The Baby Mammoth mix is a dreamy dub that lets you enjoy 1999 even more. All the mixes from the Pork crew are simply delicious.
Quant from Sweden makes it feel more electrobeat + straight.

shake baby shake it

what they say  
Die Mit-Österreicher Tosca lassen auf demselben Label ihren Hit "Chocolate Elvis" (G-Stone) remixen: neben Rockers HiFis rockender Cowbell-Attacke überzeugt vor allem Nürnbergs Boozoo Bajou mit Perkussionsflavour zu schlaffen Gitarren. (Intro 6/99)

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