Label: G-Stone Recordings
Date: 2000-02-22
Format: CD, LP

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This music is about zen, the guys from Tosca say, but you don't have to bend your mind ritually, to delve into this, knee deep. The question ain't: are you experienced, but: are you ready?

Here is music that doesn't attack you with the usual 24 hour-online- information-staccato. Like a quiet storm it seductively rotates around a firm center: beats, as sublime as muscular. Sparkling bathtub sounds, distant bells, flickering percussion, splinters of blues, brazilistics licks, a dadaistically chopped up voice drops in, drops out, analogue and digital inputs blurred. Welcome to the world of being not so sure! At Tosca`s, other than with the odd fx-addicted beat whitewashers, there is a deep understanding for the afro-american foundation of this music. Skills gained through respect, that makes their tracks roll like no other, drop dead gorgeously. Slow funk food, mind music for the stressed out urbanist.
Zen? Lets call it sexy reductionism. We are on a gentle glide downwards, or are we moving up? Where`s the light? No need to worry, you won't need no safety belt. This is Tosca, you`re safe.