Take The Weight (Peter Kruder Remixes)

Label: G-Stone Recordings
Date: 2009-03-02
Format: Digital

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G-Stone Online Selection . No 3: As purveyors of the classiest Viennese electronica, Peter Kruder and G-Stone recordings need no introduction at all.

Since the conception of underground genre in the early nineties G-Stone have been at the forefront of ‘something completely different’. In recent years they have sped things up a little. Did you notice? Trust me; the Austrians don’t always drive in the slow lane of musical highways. One such artist who drives in his own peculiar fashion is the Stererotyp from the 18th district of Vienna. Noted for styles and sub styles that people have trouble categorising, he’s been a godsend for those that think Vienna is about the blunted and dubbed-out. A true musical maverick, a producer who doesn’t follow other cars! In fact, in Vienna’s many one way road systems, there is a good chance that the Stereotyp is driving the other way. Watch up, people! So, it’s up to Peter Kruder to try and help our boy Stereotyp on a more conventional route. This of course is right up Kruder’s ‘strasse’. The remix! A successful remix from PK is as about a sure thing as let’s say … a Tuesday following a Monday. DJ’ing on too many worldly stages gives PK all the info he needs. Sick drums stabbing you left, right and center, baselines that wobbly from hip to hip, and mild insanity and lunacy with the atmospherics is what the people want. Of course, the man always delivers. Two very different mixes here for your consumption! First up, a vocal featuring one of Europe’s best underground singers ‘Ken Cesar’. A true soul sensation and an amazing talent. Kruder gives the young singer plenty of space in the mix to voice and express in his sensual way. The kid is carnal, which is always a good thing for a singer-songwriter. You bet they want to hear about it. Second mix is an all out PK dancefloor dub with the gloves coming off in record speed. Just follow as an opiate groove build and builds. This is where PK comes into his very own, bringing the track to a wide yet profound audience. You know it’s Kruderesque when everybody starts dancing. A relentless groove with some crescendos gate crashing the party.