Remixes Part 1

Label: G-Stone Recordings
Date: 2007-03-26
Format: 12'', Digital

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Two of the most outstanding tracks from Voom Voom's monumental 'Peng Peng' long player get revisited by two of today's most respected outfitters. Marcus Worgull one of the diamonds of the German dance scene tears the roof of 'Sao Verought' with an electrifying bouncer full of edge and guile. A quality craftsman at work indeed. The producers producer Mr Charles Webster from the UK majestically moves 'Best friend' towards the house groove with a classy vocal and dub version. Keeping true to the original yet adding Websteresque feeling and maturity to the song. He really has never put a foot wrong when ever this guy has stepped up to the plate.


  • 11.02.2012
  • Christian Prommer's Drumlesson @ Legend 54
  • Milano (Italy)