Peace Orchestra
Shining . Repolished Versions

Label: G-Stone Recordings
Date: 2000-05-20
Format: 12'', Digital

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With customarily impressive G-Stone timing and flavor, "Shining - Repolished Versions" is released, the first of two remix EP's of last year's Peace Orchestra album by Peter Kruder.

The interpretations are all by close friends and kindred spirits, such as the Rainer Trüby Trio (Compost), Ian Simmonds (stud!o K7), Moerth (formerly known as G-Stone's Stereotyp) and the Uptight Posse from Vienna, who imbue the suave original with a sophisticated measure of dance floor appeal. The first dub plates were hotly traded in specialist circles at this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami and were among the high points of Peter Kruder's sets (both at stud!o K7 and Talkin' Loud - as well as the 10 Years Masters at Work Party).


The inspiring video for "Shining" came about during the Love Inn (in the vicinity of Vienna) at the PEACE ORCHESTRA release and was directed by Okalab (Oliver Kartak). A second 12" remix, "The Man", is soon to be released. Stay tuned! (stud!o K7)


  • 23.06.2012
  • Peter Kruder @ Donauinselfest
  • Vienna (Austria)