Kruder & Dorfmeister

Label: G-Stone Recordings
Date: 1993-02-09
Format: CD, 12'', Digital

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The start of something very special! K&D broke through the gates big time in 93 with what is considered by many as the best ever display of downbeat mellow madness.

Some of the most intense beats and bass put together ever appeared on this excellent four track EP. Tracks like "High Noon" changed the perceptions of what trip-hop was really about. Even better, the basic component in the formation of what Vienna had to offer regarding left field dance music was changed too. The rest is nearly history.



On their debut EP, G-Stoned, the acid jazz duo Kruder & Dorfmeister create a supreme soundtrack for blunted daydreams: music that soars on a cloud of found sounds, mutant beats, tribal chants, and hip hop technology. Borrowing its title from the classic western, "High Noon" is a hybrid of slo-mo beats and harmonic riffs that creates a sound-system image of the West, and the spooky "Original Bedroom Rockers" rules. Though K&D;'s hometown of Vienna is known better for The Sound of Music than for laid-back funk, tracks like "Deep Shit pt. 1 & pt. 2" sound like Brian Eno invading the Mothership. (Michael A. Gonzales, Vibe Magazine march 1996)

Luxuriant, laid-back and mellow, the four-track ‘G-Stoned’ - in songs such as ‘Definition’ and ‘Original Bedroom Rockers’ - isn"t as upfront as some other acid jazz, say, Jazzmatazz. Its languid feel, embellished with hints of African, South American and ambient textures, has more of a nocturnal elegance. (News-Times, 1996)



  • 16.02.2012
  • Richard Dorfmeister @ Armani Hotel Milano
  • Milano (Italy)