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Posted: Jan 28, 2006 01:38:34

Hi guys,

It has just occurred to me that we're still missing 2 tracks from the Snowbombing set. There is the notorious gospel track that everyone loves but that no one has heard of before, but there's also another more hidden track that we've overlooked in past listings.

So far, we have:

Shanti Roots - Afrique
Bobby Hughes Combination - Karin's Kerma
Joseph Malik - Take It All In Check It All Out
Pressure Drop - Back2Back (Dorfmeister Vs Madrid De Los Austrias Dub Version)
Willie Bobo - Spanish Grease (Dorfmeister Con Madrid De Los Austrias Muga Reserva Mix)
Koop - Relaxing At Club Fusion (Dorfmeister Vs Madrid De Los Austrias Version)
Overproof Sound System - Watch What You Put Inna
Stereotyp - Fling Style
Earl Zinger - Song 2
Budnubac - Don't Follow the Flag

Jaam Feat Eska - Call It To Mind (Jimpster Remix)
Jazzanova - That Night (Wahoo Remix)
Iz & Diz - Mouth (Pepe Braddock's Remix For Friends)
Gotan Project - Triptico (Peter Kruder's Trip De Luxe)
Blackman - Muestra Me / Ayro - Let This Love (Let This Accapella)
Voom:Voom - Baby3
Recloose - Ain't Changin'
Stereotyp - Un Dois Tres
Stereotyp - Silence

Between "Baby3" and "Ain't Changin'", though, there's a short broken-beat track:

The same track is heard in Ali Schwarz's mix for Garito Café (download the set by clicking here):

Anyone know what this hidden mystery track is? The beat is very similar to another track in Ali Schwarz's set that I'm also trying to ID:

- tonyboy

Posted: Jan 28, 2006 10:19:21

maw electronic tranz

Posted: Jan 29, 2006 05:48:39

Awesome! Amazing! Thanks!

Maybe everyone here can help me with two other IDs from Ali Schwarz's set:

- tonyboy

Posted: Jan 29, 2006 11:57:00

could the singer on 3 be Vikter Duplaix?

Posted: Feb 3, 2006 23:12:07 · Edited by: gregb

i'm still offering a huge payment for the gospel track from snowbombing!


also wondering if anyone knows the track from the ibiza KM5 recording that starts around 5:30...? thanks!

Posted: Feb 13, 2006 00:14:24

here's some sound clips from Ibiza 2000 show i'm trying to identify:


thanks for the help!

here's my ever-increasing list: http://www.thoughtmusic.com/help/

and my for sale list: http://www.thoughtmusic.com/help/sale.htm

Posted: Feb 13, 2006 10:26:54

20 is Homecookin' - Lazy Days

Posted: Feb 13, 2006 13:59:19

thanks yet again mike.

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