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Posted: Dec 13, 2005 17:32:55 · Edited by: toutouboubou

Hi everybody

I have just create a blog for music lovers. I write couple of reviews about my favourite tracks of the last year. Time after time I add new ones. I love G-Stone releases so you should like the review and perhaps you will discover new artists.

While reading, you can listen to my radio I just launched. I review in French and in English. Sorry if you find many mistakes but my english is far from being perfect. Don't hesitate to let some comments. You will find too RSS links

Here is the URL : Blog For Music Lovers

Big up for Stereotyp. If you (I mean Stereotyp !) read this topic, I'd like to know if you recorded your last set with Al Haca in Dub Club. Thanks you for the answer

See ya

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