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Posted: Apr 16, 2005 16:13:54

haha... great advice.

Posted: Apr 20, 2005 11:15:57

what is it all about Dehli9
i think that it's much better than Suzuki
an also the seconde CD is wonderful
but maybe you are not living in vienna
because the sound was created here
and you have to listen to it here

Posted: Apr 20, 2005 18:00:15

That's like saying you can't enjoy Shakespeare if you're not from Startford, some bumpkin village outside London.

You don't HAVE to be from Vienna!

Posted: Apr 20, 2005 18:02:15

Ok that's Stratford by the way!

Posted: Apr 20, 2005 20:32:51

I wonder if Pete and Rich read this stuff. Well I look at this way, there the ones that actually have gigs and are out there dj'ing. Me, i'm still trying to get booked.....Still. I guess it's all who u know. If u know the right peps, then ur getting a gig.

Posted: Apr 20, 2005 20:37:11

Umm....i think this post is in the wrong spot, sorry guys.

Posted: Apr 20, 2005 22:25:32

kruder's new set at Seen is maybe the best of both worlds...kind of got that old feeling agian...like when I first heard "transfatty acid"

respect king

Posted: Apr 20, 2005 22:31:49

I thought dr. rich@bossa nova was cool......rodney hunter built the party on solid ground...nice to have vienna in LA...come back soon.

Posted: Nov 8, 2005 13:14:31

hunter is a copy of dr.rich thats all

Posted: Nov 8, 2005 18:19:20

hunter is a copy of dr.rich thats all

i saw rodney this summer... he had two decks, two keyboards, a sampler, and a laptop and put on an incredible live show. on the other hand, dr. rich shows up with a few records he doesn't even beat-mix. rodney is, without a doubt, not a copy of dr. rich.

Posted: Nov 10, 2005 06:59:59

Hey Lisl,

If you knew anything about Uptight (the label, the kollectiv, the music)...you would never say that. Look into all the brilliant music Mr. Hunter has put out over the years under the guise of Uptight. It just might open your ears...and your mind.

Posted: Nov 11, 2005 00:21:44

R. Hunter is a talented cat no doubt.

Posted: Nov 17, 2005 00:42:55

Hunter is nothin like Dorfmeister,
never was, never will be and that's
a good ting! cat's got soul :)
by the way...Rod, come back 2 VIE.
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