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Posted: Jan 23, 2005 20:58:13

Whuts UP!Im looking for the track played at Live drum sessino and it was played by Richard Dorfmeister.Goes something like this "I feel good tonight" but not from Groove Armada, he was also playing Troublemakers,Tosca,Sofa Surfers etc.If anybody knows ill be thankfull :) Peace out

Posted: Jan 23, 2005 22:15:56

I Feel Good Tonight - DJ Boom


Posted: Jan 24, 2005 13:09:30

Wusa,big Respect to you! You are the man!Thats the song...Peace Out

Posted: Jan 24, 2005 14:27:40

Do you where can i download that track?I was searching at kazaa,shareaza,dc++ but i cannot find it

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