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Posted: Jul 13, 2004 20:01:39

hi g-stone team! Ich bin schon seit längerem auf der Suche nach dem tracklisting von dem genialen Peter Kruder Mix vom 20-er Haus, den er schon vor Jahren dort abgezogen hat. Bitte, Bitte, Bitte....give me some infos!! In diesem Mix waren unter anderem tracks wie Hardlife oder feed the cat von Agent K, aber das ist schon ziemlich alles was ich weiss....also wäre echt nett! Danke!

Posted: Aug 22, 2004 21:43:01

listened to this old dj-set and recalled some track names, but not many. Especially the second and the last track (michael jackson) I would like to remember, I once knew the names.

let's go: (my recording of this set has 19 tracks in total)

1. Recloose - Ain't changing
3. Peace Orchestra - Domination (Raw Deal rmx)
4. Agent K. - Feed the Cat (?? rmx)
5. Hardlife feat. Ron Mitchell - Hardlife
10. Masters at work - Our time is coming
14. Knee deep - Nassau rules
16. Jazzanova feat. Vikter Duplaix - That Night (Wahoo rmx)

anybody feel free to add the missing track names.

peace, philipp

Posted: Dec 31, 2004 14:20:12

Thank you very much! At least I know two more pieces from this fantastic mix-puzzle..hehe! One song, I really want to know the name, is the one, which starts with some spoken vocals...like this: there´s cannabis in the air....all our minds go in one direction....somthing like that and it is more tech-house style. If you know, let me know!! Thanx! Stay tuned!

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