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Posted: May 12, 2005 13:34:50

hi every1 out there
could anybody tell me if rodney took a sample from 'the maxwell implosion'track no'4,and if he did why dosnt it says so on the cd?

Posted: May 12, 2005 17:39:38

I heard once an old song and it was clear that it was taken for hunter files, unfortunately i donīt remember the name of that song; also found no information in the booklet

Posted: Sep 4, 2005 09:51:26

PLEASE, PLEASE!! ...would love it if you boys at g-stone could throw rodney's 'there's a reason' on vinyl, I've noticed that it isn't on the double LP, or point me in the right direction if you already have... love that song!! j

Posted: Sep 4, 2005 22:12:11


weiss jemand was im moment so geht bei kruder,dsl und hunter
in sachen produktionen oder remixes??

Posted: Sep 6, 2005 16:00:42

dsl hat damals im flex gemeint, dass er an einem neuen album arbeitet, dauert aber noch

Posted: Sep 6, 2005 16:17:12


was du von den anderen auch was??

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