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Posted: Oct 31, 2003 08:46:21

Peace, SLEEPY BRAIN MAGAZINE ***************************** Vanilla Primitive -- Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite http://www.sleepybrain.net/vanilla.html ***************************** Hello unto you, SLEEPY BRAIN MAGAZINE is proud as punch to present another exclusive from Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite (aka Lord Patch; aka The Rude Duke), acclaimed author and spoken-word performer and perhaps the finest Canadian prose writer alive. Find it here: http:// www.sleepybrain.net/vanilla.html The piece is \"Vanilla Primitive\" and it\'s another example of Braithwaite\'s unique \"dub literature\": cut-and-paste prose drenched in feedback and echo. Take the linguistic jouissance and near- future edginess of Anthony Burgess and Jack Womack, then splice that gene with hip hop verse and rhythm and you\'ll have something approximating Braithwaite\'s style. Add a liberal dose of emotion; strength through adversity; indomitable, instinctual animal spirit - and you\'re ready to take this baby to the streets. EXCERPT FROM VANILLA PRIMITIVE: http://www.sleepybrain.net/vanilla.html \"A great code was taught to me once when I was sleeping from slamming a bolt into my forehead to stop the shouting all outside my room. Sometimes it would be cool to cut the top part of my skull open and remove my brain to wash the mess/wadein the gutter primitive/vikings stiped bare/by the Ummah on the night of their visions/it1d be all grey like smog infested snot/follow Ghost to full capacity/focus/ focus/life and story stumble/literary DMC/throwing DJ on tables and scratching them/cuttin into them/chop them up/let cross fade this/ and it goes like when?/intellectual property/I will give you literary attacks/ you jackin philosophy/X-rays to an optical creed/I aight.\" As Gail Scott wrote in an essay of New Narrative (Matrix 62): \"Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite\'s beautiful dangerous novels make him one of the outstanding Canadian prose writers alive, and only the Americans seem to know it.\" Braithwaite loves and lives to Dub his prose like Lee \"Scratch\" Perry (who he shares physical height with = 5\'4) and King Tubby worked with music and voice. His bunker/lab is in the Fernwood district of Victoria British Columbia, Canada. ********************************** -- Simon Sellars SLEEPY BRAIN MAGAZINE DROMA PRODUCTIONS SUB DEE INDUSTRIES (t) + 61 03 9417 1547 (m) 0403 919 790 (w) http://www.sleepybrain.net (e) simon@sleepybrain.net

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