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Posted: Jul 17, 2002 07:43:29

Hi, I\'m a DJ from sunny Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I\'ve just picked up \'Silence\'. This is the third Stereotyp production I own- I also have \'Jahman\' & \'The Ethiopian\' Remix- man, I love your work. Your anti-2-step-dub-tech-ragga is a truly original sound & I\'m happy to hear you have an LP out now, if only to be able to hear & play more of this sound! The only other records I\'ve encountered here that come close are Adam Freeland\'s remix of \'Warrior Sound\' by Pressure Drop (Hard Hands) & elements in Apex\'s \'Symmetry\' remixed by NuBreed (Marine Parade). I recently had the privilege of seeing NuBreed- three talented young men from the south (try the link)- perform live, and in their repertroire there\'s a ragga number that has to be a wink in your direction. Now all they need to do is release it! I think they\'ve been signed to Tayo\'s Mob records in the UK..... Could you suggest any other artists or influences that I could explore to open this sound up to the massive Down Under?

Posted: Jul 25, 2002 18:50:40

stereotyps album sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Jul 25, 2002 18:56:44

viva dorfmeister con madrid de los austrias muga reserva

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