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Posted: May 12, 2005 19:25:38

Hi there

I've been looking around for years for a track I heard once during a dj-set by peter kruder in madrid. I know it's kinda stupid to ask the name of that song... as I imagine he does so many gigs, he won't remember after two years what he played at ... let's say 06am.

Still, i'd like to give it a try, cos it was that brilliant. In fact, I fear it wasn't a track at all, but just mr. kruder mixing two tracks into a new one. Anyway, at about 06-07am at the Room/Mondo club in Madrid (gig of 2003, not the one of one month ago!) he played an awesome flamenco guitar inspired track which set the whole place on fire. And i'm looking for that track since ever then. So if anyone knows more, has a playlist of that evening or can give me a hint, please do!


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