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Posted: Sep 22, 2004 16:58:02

I'm looking for the tracklist from K&D live on FM4. I don't know the exact date, but the first track was the rollin' on chrome remix. Is there any possibility to get this?

Posted: Mar 19, 2005 01:26:37

I don't have the names of all of the tracks, but here's what I have so far:

1. FM4/Euromuse intro
2. Rollin' on Chrome / Kruder & Dorfmeister
3. Yes Baby Yes / Mo' Horizons
4. Soaring Thoughts / Walkner.Möstl
5. Bug Power Dust / Kruder & Dorfmeister
6. Chocolate Elvis Remix / Baby Mammoth (??)
7. (Unknown track + FM4 Promo)
8. (Has a sample of "Gettin' Funky" by Kid n' Play)
9. The Child / Alex Gopher (remix?)
10. Nothing Really Matters / Kruder & Dorfmeister
11. (Remix of "Run On" / Moby?)
12. (Remix of "I See You Baby" / Groove Armada?)
13. FM4 / Euromuse Outtro

I hope this helps.
- tonyboy

Posted: Mar 19, 2005 03:54:24

I just did a little research... Some corrections/additions/confirmations:

6. Chocolate Elvis (Uptight Version) / Rodney Hunter
7. Under My Sensi (Uptight Version) / Rodney Hunter + FM4 Promo
8. Gettin' it On / Freaky Jalapeno
9. The Child / Alex Gopher (original album version)

11. Run On (Moby's Young and Funky Remix) / Moby
12. I See You Baby / Groove Armada

Keep on rocking.
- tonyboy

Posted: Mar 22, 2005 20:37:29

thnx a lot.

have you dowloaded the whole mix?

Posted: Mar 23, 2005 00:40:27

Yes, I have the entire MP3, from the intro to the outtro. It's a good set, but I'm not too crazy about 10 and onward. I've just heard Nothing Really Matters, Run On and I See You Baby too many times.

- tonyboy

Posted: Mar 23, 2005 13:25:17

hey where can you get this mix from? When was it recorded? I heard k and d are gonna do a couple more nights soon like they did at the end of last year

Posted: Mar 23, 2005 14:33:18

I believe you can find this mix on the gnutella networks. That's where I found mine.

Posted: Jun 2, 2005 02:43:22

is there any possibility that i can get it from you
are you from vienna because than it would be no problem

Posted: Jun 2, 2005 05:28:26

I'm not from Vienna, but if you send me an e-mail ([email]tonyboy@mac.com[/email]), then I can find a way to get it to you.

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