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Posted: Jun 1, 2004 15:35:47 · Edited by: Admin

So I recently downloaded K&D's "one world
live from snowbombing 2002" set. I've been
searching for the second track in: a afro-
bossa-jazz tune with a female vocal which
sounds a bit like karin krog. the voice
sings..."I'm walking in a dream that is walking
in a life that I can not seem to find..."
does anyone know who this is? Dr. R? PK?
Thanks for the music. Respect!

Posted: Jun 1, 2004 21:25:07

Bobby Hughes Combination - Karins Kerma

Posted: Jun 2, 2004 18:41:53

Dustin, where did you get the snowbombing download from ??

Posted: Jun 2, 2004 20:43:35

got it off of limewire. there is snowbombing, the essential mix, and PK@rootdown and a KM5 radio mix...PK@rootdown is the stand out. peace.

Posted: Jul 9, 2004 17:52:10

Hey Dustin, I too have that set. Do you know the titles/artists of other tracks?

Posted: Sep 23, 2004 08:58:25

I found the whole mix in good quality at kazaa. Its 90 minutes

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