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Posted: Apr 30, 2004 13:20:11 · Edited by: Admin

Hello there.
Im looking for one song played by Kruder&Dorfmeister@Dub Club(9.2.2004). The song is "Break on through" played originally by The Doors, but this was a remix version. Did anybody know the remixer and if it is possible to buy this remix?

Posted: Apr 30, 2004 17:12:30

tone vs doors - wild thing & opended doors (2)

Posted: May 4, 2004 08:58:58

Thanks for the fast comment Christoph. Are you sure about that Remix? I cant hear any sample from Tone Loc (Wild thing) in that song. I have a copy off that Dj Set from Liquid Radio and I think it is only a Remix from Break on through.

Posted: May 4, 2004 10:08:09

Yes I\'m sure! Have a look there! http://www1.web-records.com/?SUB=pProduct&TPL;=product&ProductID;=3617695

Posted: May 10, 2004 12:03:31

i think the b-side of this ep is a remix by dublex inc. \"tocam\" feat. the vocals of tone loc... and the other side is the doors-remix. very great. but very rare. i haven\'t got a copy...damn!!!

Posted: May 10, 2004 16:11:28

Yes, your right Christoph. Sorry ! Thanks for the link. Greatings Andreas

Posted: Aug 22, 2004 16:41:00 · Edited by: ph d

to schnigschnag:
very rare, yep. but it's available now at soulseduction.com (since mid july) called 'the doors - bossa rocker'. on the flip side, you won't find 'tocame' any longer, this 12'' now has a version of 'fever' on side b.


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