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Posted: Sep 26, 2005 22:11:00

Dear Tosca team,

please help me understand what happened this past Saturday in Budapest at the Aerocafe party. My sister and I are huge fans of all releases of the Tosca project, and we were very excited about your gig. Thanks for coming indeed, but... we really didn't get the idea. Rupert played the Rhodes for 20+ minutes, we seemed to recognize some of the familiar tunes, but I believe we stood at one of the worst places with too much echo. Anyways, those less patient started to whistle and boo. Too bad, I hope you didn't get offended. What happened afterwards: Richard and MC Sugar B on stage, and we heard 5-6 Tosca tracks from playback. OK, I'm sure it would've been impossible to re-create every song 100% live, but at least some live part would've been appreciated! By the way, maybe some more of the coolest songs could have been in the selection. Every day & every night for example! I think it's brilliant and we hoped to hear it. .. And suddenly Richard's DJ act began.
To mention something very positive:
- it was great to hear Orozco and John Lee Huber "live". (You know what I mean with the quote marks, I'm sorry..) Those are my two favorites, so thank you very much.
- very cool visuals, thank you Fritz

I have a couple of questions.
1. Did you plan this gig exactly like it happened?
2. Or, if the initial plan was different, why did you change it? Did the crowd offend you with impatiently whistling after 45 minutes of waiting (what took so long, by the way) ?
3. Maybe I'm too ignorant to know anything like that but is it possible at all to make the well-known Tosca music at least partially LIVE?
4. What did the Aerocafe organizers tell you about this party? Did you know the circumstances well in advance?

Thanks in advance for reading / answering if possible.
Best regards,
Diana Lili Meszaros, remaining a huge fan anyways :)

Posted: Sep 27, 2005 13:15:14

I have to second that.

I was there at the party at the Budapest Castle and was very disappointed with what I've experienced there.

Surely enough, looking back, the venue's brochures never ever exactly point out the real nature of the so-called Tosca Dwell Dell Sound System, but - at least from my experience - most of the people expected to hear the repertoire of Tosca played live. In fact, what we got was a 30-minute piano solo of Mr. Huber and a DJ-set by Mr. Dorfmeister, meaning we never ever had the full lineup on stage at the same time, which - coupled by the fact that the Tosca songs weren't played live - led to massive disappointment amongst the fans. Not even to mention the horrible conditions of the surrounding party (toilets, crowd, etc), which has nothing to do with the band anyways.

So I'd also like to know the answers to the questions above, to know if bad medialization or some unidentified problem had to do about the difference in what we expected and what we got.

Never meaning to be offensive,
and just too sad about not hearing one of my favourite bands live,


Posted: Sep 27, 2005 20:14:10

maybe they need jamie lidell to work the drum machine?

Posted: Sep 28, 2005 23:38:25

The same situation was in Prague on 23rd September, 30 mins of piano jam, than Dormaister set. Easy money for the Tosca boys. Big shit.

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