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Posted: Aug 15, 2005 15:35:23


has anybody an idea, were i can get the k&d set of the g-stoned-summercamp 2005 at sonnemondundsterne?

Thanks Stefan

Posted: Aug 16, 2005 13:54:46

Can you send me informations about your live events und livesets?

I`m a really big fan of you (K&D) and owner off nearly all your albums!

Is it able to send me something on my mail-adress:

metzi@gmx.ch ???????

We travelled at SMS 2005 only too see you!! really fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much.... Greetings Mathias

Posted: Aug 19, 2005 14:08:35

uhhh i would kill for this setlist. it was totally awsome.
pleeease post it, anybody.

Posted: Aug 19, 2005 15:17:24

which set?

Posted: Aug 19, 2005 19:21:46

The K&D set from SonneMondundSterne 2005!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Aug 20, 2005 06:26:56

but they were not spinnin together,...??

Posted: Aug 21, 2005 02:59:28

wuaah i would kill for this set - it was so amazing, i guess noone was actually able to stop dancing...what a set (but the music was terrific all night long thou in the g-stone tent - dj dsl was awfull!!!!)

ps: nevertheless, the festival is called SonneMondSterne, there´s no "und" in between ;)

Posted: Aug 26, 2005 21:02:26

please send ANY info on ANY live sets of K&D to produsor@hotmail.com any is well appreciated, many thanx in advance.

Posted: Aug 30, 2005 16:06:58

Hm, I would be crazy about a tracklist or some sets, too! G-Stone Summer Camp 2005 at SMS was really fantastic! All the Bands and DJs were great! But why was it so loud? I think the G-Stone Club Tent was the loudest on the Festival! - Why?


Posted: Oct 29, 2005 02:35:26

Hallo, und guten abend!
War auch auf'm SMS '05 und es war wirklich unglaublich. Ich will zwar Mr. Dorfmeister nich aussen vor lassen, klasse set, jedoch hat mich das Kruder Set absolut umgehauen. Wie soll man das nennen Psychedelic House, keine Ahnung, habe keine Worte für so einen unglaublichen sound. Es geht einem nicht aus dem Kopf , das ist wohl der Grund warum ich mir jetzt zum zehnten mal das kruder-set auf futureboogie gebe. Unglaublich! Immer weiter so!!!!! Aussredem: Watergate in Berlin hat auch spaß gemacht! Es lohnt sich jede Anreise!

Posted: Dec 29, 2005 01:01:45

Hi! Thanks for the advice to look up for the futureboogie-set! Everyone else can find the two sets here:


It seems there's no chance to get the sms-set!?

Bye, Stefan

Posted: Dec 29, 2005 01:04:58

Hm, right now I had registrated me under this name. I have opened this thread. ;-)

Bye, Stefan

Posted: Jan 25, 2006 23:11:52

Thats wrong, I have opend this threat.

I think we have the same first name...

Posted: Feb 22, 2006 22:42:38

*lol*, OK, sorry... ;-)

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