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Posted: Oct 6, 2004 21:33:39

My friend and I have just launched our own little site featuring four downloadable mix sets, if you like K&D then it's likely you will like these sets. Enjoy! Feedback would be appreciated.

Posted: Oct 13, 2004 21:59:49

this site is now http://www.trackwerk.net

Posted: Oct 31, 2004 20:29:11

I've just noticed its been updated with four new mixes

Posted: Nov 12, 2004 22:43:25

nice sets... you guys should check out RE:UP Magazine, i think they have reviews or features on the artists almost every song you have listed...check it: http://www.reupmag.com

Posted: Dec 2, 2004 19:58:51

new mixes up for december

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