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Posted: Sep 27, 2005 18:08:59

hello all,

i'm a big fan of k&d's work and all the g-stone stuff in general, but as far as solo projects i have to say i vastly prefer the stuff richard has done to that of peter. i've been reading the posts here for some time and can't help but notice that members seem to disproportionately favor kruder's live sets to those of dorfmeister. also it seems there's a lot of interest in voom:voom, etc...

i've seen dorfmeister spin twice over the past 2 years and i listen to whatever sets of his i can find online and the shit just moves me. i like pk's stuff that i can find online, but it doesn't have the same...soul or feeling i guess.

so my question is this, for those of you who prefer pk, what is it about his work (especially the live sets) that you find to be better than rd's?

Posted: Sep 27, 2005 19:51:57

well, for one he's not stuck in this very bordering on the commercial house/breakbeats style. He doesn't need remnants of former "dub" k&d school to sell his music. He tries new things and pushes electronic music like few can with realatively low release frequency. Every remix is a sureshot killer. When he spins he plays for the girls and has a very tight instantly recognizable selection. He's pure funk without cheesy "bootlegs". His recent work maybe a bit on the minimal side but if you listen closely it's all based around jazz and funk legacy without using obvious 70's samples. In short he and carl craig are the top producers of electronic music for my taste. I could go on forever raving about his semi audible Bassdrums and choice of synths/effects for work. But it's all too technical, besides I'd like to hear others oppinions.

Btw. Nothing against The doc, he's pretty good and better than most in the game but I just don't like where he's going with his sound and sideprojects. MDLA vs. Dr. R seemed to work well occasionally, for instance the back2back remix.. It's unconventional that's why I like it. The choice of sounds and samples isn't obvious and doesn't rely on boring loops. It's a story told through bleeps and a killer orchestral break.

Posted: Sep 27, 2005 19:58:28

you say potato I say tomato...

Posted: Sep 27, 2005 20:08:27

I always saw it as this: the dr. would rather be POP than ELECTRONICA and pk just wants to be UNCLASSIFIABLE.
It has been almost 7 years and peace orchestra is still the apex of electronic music...is there a comparable album? maybe if K&D put out a full length of original shit...I think the world would like the sound of that.

Posted: Sep 28, 2005 19:58:00

Peace Orchestra is indeed the ultimate (as is stuff from The Cinematic Orchestra) in electronics. can't wait for a new album.

imho pk is more on the edge then rd. pk is evolution where rd is always the same (on a high level though). this is very much expressed in the new Tosca album. i didn't buy it because it sounds too much the same as the other albums.
on the other hand i'm also not too much into the dj hell-style of pk.

i like the old sets the best.

Posted: Sep 30, 2005 16:58:55

thanks for the responses. i really want to discuss this topic further with anyone willing to talk about it because i feel there is much to learn from a lot of members on this forum and its really difficult to find material on k&d elsewhere online.

anyway, in my humble opinion, i would say that i disagree with the idea that dorfmeister is anywhere near "pop" music. that's a real exaggeration. i could see how that critique could be made about, say, thievery corp or stephane pompougnac (who both still have quite good taste), but i really feel like dorfmeister has not compromised his integrity and gone "commercial" in the least. his taste is, to my mind, impeccable. also he's quite original. its tough to imagine other dj's playing tosca tracks at packed clubs and having the dance floor go nuts. that struck me as some of the most original shit the first time i saw him spin. i never would have thought you could pull out "sofa rockers" in the middle of a set and just have several hundred people lose their minds, but he did just that and the shit was ill!

on a sidenote, i was impressed with how approachable and humble he was when i spoke to him briefly at the sugarfactory in amsterdam. he's a classy dude.

Posted: Oct 1, 2005 07:37:52

bottom line is they are both very inspiring cats...and it is very easy for fans at this point to be hyper critical...If I had it my way Tosca would only have at the most 3 records out right now (delhi and j.a.c. should have been edited and condenced into one) ...but you have make money as an artist aswell as get things behind you...I think if you do your homework on these two you will learn that PK was always on his own program...you can hear it in the music.

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