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Artists and their alter egos is the underlying theme for RE:UP #007. In this manual, we attempt to understand the mind of underground hip-hop’s most coveted beatmaker - Madlib - and his unseen bad boy persona known as Quasimoto. Continuing on this theme is an in-depth interview with hip-hop‘s most nefarious alter ego of all time, Digital Underground’s Humpty Hump and a discussion with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto and his created character, the funkiest G.I. Joe ever to be enlisted, Tino Corp.

On the design side of things, graphic artists HVW8 and Brenden Monroe give their own interpretation of the alter ego concept in this issue’s Middle Signature. The exploration into the many different faces of IDM/crunk-rocker Scott Herren (Prefuse 73, Savath&Savalas, Delarosa&Asora, etc) is visually provided in an illustrious six page layout by Maya Hayuk.

Also included in #007 is a lengthy comparison analysis between the top two mid-nineties hip-hop outfits and their current revival projects: The Fugees vs. Digable Planets, in-depth articles on Richard Dorfmeister’s Tosca, Cross1’s journey around the globe as a professional B-Boy, 18th Street Lounge’s Ursula 1000, and Boston MC Edan. Additionally one can find the latest updates regarding neo-soul brothers Platinum Pied Pipers, Daedelus and his Box, the lovely Mia Doi Todd, experi-pop’s The Album Leaf, Latin lyricist Immortal Technique, electro-noodlers Sound Tribe Sector Nine, UK’s ace hip-hop MC Roots Manuva, the buzzing of Four Tet, and Thailand’s DJ Cavo and his Dum Dum Project.

Plus: More CD/DVD reviews of the latest, greatest, & unnoticed, 16 additional pages, and a special dual-sided cover design for this James Bond 007 issue: Front cover is Quasimoto, illustrated by Stones Throw artist Jeff Jank. Back cover is a portrait of Prefuse 73 illustrated by Maya Hayuk.

96 Pages / 10" X 10" / Perfect Bound

About RE:UP Magazine:
RE:UP Magazine is a quarterly music and graphic arts publication based out of Southern California yet distributed globally. In addition to exploring the sweet, creamy center of downtempo, hip-hop, and reggae/dub cultures from around the world, RE:UP plays the role of a manual; striving to be a platform for breathtaking visual design that looks as good as the music covered in each issue sounds. From long-time coveted favorites (Richard Dorfmeister, Pete Rock, DJ Krush, and Mr. Scruff; art spreads by Obey Giant, Hunter Gatherer and Struggle Inc.) RE:UP Magazine will look quite lovely on your coffee table today and its 96 page perfect bound, 10x10" format will snugly fit on your bookshelf as a timeless reference.

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