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Posted: Feb 12, 2005 00:16:01 · Edited by: mister_blend

Hey everyone, just making sure you all know about RE:UP Magazine, last issue we featured Rodney Hunter
and the one before that we featured Dr. Richard
and two before that, DJ DSL

well, now our latest issue doesn't feature any G-Stone artists, it probably has stuff you'd be into, check it:

RE:UP Manual 006
In this manual we feature the hi-fi studio dons known as Thievery
Corporation, Zulu Nation founder & original party rocker Afrika
Bambaataa, as well as in-depth articles on MF Doom, Sa-Ra
Creative Partners, the Juggaknots, Romanowski, Neotropic, Buck
65, UK’s Tru Thoughts crew and DJ Food's Strictly Kev. Also
included is an editorial commentary of the Eastern Block music
scene from Sofa Surfer’s I-Wolf, a record label logo quiz contest
(win a free subscription!), the history of Miami Bass, ten tips for
becoming the ultimate Master of Ceremonies, nostalgic ramblings
by Dublab’s Frosty, DVD & music reviews of the latest and
greatest, plus much much more. On the visual side of things, we
have an exclusive spread of Stones Throw album cover art from
Jeff Jank and the erogenous photography of Ye Rin Mok. Middle
Signature illustration work comes from Nonconceptual, Maya
Hayuk, Demo Design, and T/E/X/T (aka Rory Wilson) as they each
offer their own interpretation of communication. Number Six as in
Nikki. It’s a groin-grabbingly good time.
{80 PAGES / PERFECT BOUND / 10x10”}

for more details: info@reupmag.com

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